Institute for Technical Education Development, King Mongkut's University Of Technology North Bangkok

Institute for Technical Education Development

King Mongkut's University Of Technology North Bangkok

The Instructional Media

Teaching aids in the field of vocational and technical education, science and technology, and training in mechanical, electrical, construction and computer have been designed, developed and produced by ITED. There are several forms of these materials;
  1. Instructional Material Package (IMP)
  2. Teaching Aids Unit (TAU)
  3. Multimedia Computer Assisted Instruction (MCAI)
  4. Electronic Slide : ES
  5. Printed Material : (PM)

Academic Services

Academic services are one of ITEDs duties which serve the need of external organizations and also within KMUTNB in various fields such as


Organizing training and seminar courses for human resources development
(HRD) for technician in various fields, educational technology and other related
industrial fields. There are specific and also specialized training courses provided.
Additionally, ITED also create and construct the curriculum development with
external organizations.


Designing and developing educational videos in various contents for
organization presentation.


Having a service in instructional media through internet network system in

order to develop teaching and learning methods by using e-learning.


ITED is the certify body center of an individual competency within five professional fields.

  • Digital Industry.
  • Robotics and Automation System.
  • Industrial Welding.
  • Food and Beverage Production.
  • Educational Service, Research, and Language.
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